H4A We offer innovative urban and social housing
solutions based on our experience and know-how.

H4A is a totally industrialized building method up to 20 times
more labor-efficient than traditional ones.
H4A finishings, quality and solidness are clearly above market standards.
A 40m2 home can be delivered by 4 workers in 4 days.
H4A is an “open system”, adaptable to climate, market or social
segment related requirements within each project.
H4A is entirely standardized and modular, all the way from SKU,
to home, to residential unit, to block and neighborhood.

habitat4all delivers services and technology in urban development, social
infrastructure, hotels and housing.

What we offer
  • Urban development, SOCIAL PROGRAMS infrastructure, hotels and housing projects leveraging our industrialized building method H4A-M and H4A-C, our specialists in urban planning, architecture, supply chain, project management and publicprivate partnerships with governments, real-estate and building companies.

  • SOCIAL PROGRAMS integration and empowerment (related to urban and housing development projects) using proprietary methodology and alliances with local NGOs.

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> Urban context
> Ethical code
> The team
> Alliances
> Value added
> Approach
> Assets
> Basic components
> System advantages
  - Efficiency
  - Quality
  - Speed
  - Adaptable
  - Modularity
Barcelona: Avda. Diagonal 421, 6º 1ª 08008 Barcelona, España      Tel.: +34 932 508 052      Mail: info@habitat4all.com
Bogotá: Cra. 11A#96-51 oficina 319 Bogotá, Colombia      PBX: +57 (1) 6914492      Mail: info@habitat4all.com
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