Our approach ensures end-to-end efficiency across all project phases: from urban and housing design, to materials´ specifications, to supplier selection, to materials logistics, to on-site assembly and quality control. Homes have to meet quality standards for aesthetics, durability, insulation, noise and energy efficiency.
Flexible design: homes, social infrastructure, hotels and neighborhoods are designed to meet the varying needs of customers, citizens and target costs (not a rigid 1-model approach) leveraging a combination of skills (urban development, architecture, housing design and supply chain).

Component standardization: components from three families are designed specifically for each design: H4A-M for up to three-floor buildings: galvanized steel structures, fiber-cement external walls, vegetable-fiber internal walls and interior panels, and rock-wool insulation materials; H4A-C for three to eight-floor buildings: pre-cast concrete structures; Stone coverings (and other decorativematerials) are easy to add to internal and external walls.

Open building system: H4A allows for flexible selection of specific materials based on local availability and requirements, and cost options (eg. different options of vegetable fiber panels).

Modularity at 5 levels (component, home, residential unit, block and neighborhood).

Lean supply chain: H4A implementation is based on lean manufacturing (at supplier site), lean distribution to sites and JIT assembly principles (at the construction site) enabling quality, speed and target costs.

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