H4A-M (up to three-floor buildings) - GALVANIZED STEEL STRUCTURE
  • Light structure providing improved stability against earthquakes.
  • “teel frame built with a pillars and beams structure. The system allows assembly without auxiliary means, not needing welds which can affect galvanizing nor screws, guaranteeing the following:
  • Permanent rigidity of all joints and structural nodes
  • Perfect alignment of structures and angles.

H4A-C (higher than three-floor buildings) - PRE-CAST CONCRETE ESTRUCTURE
    • Technology with driven piles, pilotis, to ensure ground insulation and health.
    • Impact on land is minimized. The objectite is to leave the natural environment unaltered as well as achieving fast and safe installation of foundations.
    • No use of concrete avoiding risk of temperature characteristics of the environment affecting curing of concrete.
    • Two skins of ventilated facades, with eight centimeters of rockwool.
    • Finishings can be adapted to the requirements of each project. The facades can be on demand, with different options based on local styles and demands.
    • Windows offer sun insulation.
    • Clean colors for facades.
    • Flat roofs which include ventilation. EPDM sheets protecting roofs.

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