H4A is up to 20 times more labor-efficient than traditional systems.
Industrialized production by suppliers.
Global sourcing based on materials ´ specifications.
Supplier selection based on multiple criteria (total landed costs, flexibility, service, risk, quality standards, local impact et al).
"Lean production" processes with quality at source certification as requirement.
Local production is encouraged to minimize logistics costs and contribute to local economic development.

On-site assembly
Production is planned and scheduled so as to minimize home assembly process (through supplier agreements).
No heavy machinery required to assemble homes.
Easy to assemble (no requirement for specialized workforces).
Two workers without cranes nor elevators are sufficient to handle any component.
"errer-proof assebbly" (each pair of components can only be assemmled one way so as to minimize error rates).

Environmental impact
Very low environmental footprint during construction process. (vs. traditional technologies).
Design based on sustainability criteria (maxim reutilization of materials).
Materials "lightness" minimizes stress or impact on land.
Sophisticated insulation and design standards ensure energy-efficient buildings.

High return on capital (up to 4 times higher than with traditional systems) due to very short construction cycle times and low need for heavy equipment.
Maximum quality/unit cost ratios due to use of standard materials and low ratio of direct labor.

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